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Guard Rails Installation: Guard rails are often seen providing protection to commercial spaces such as some commercial estates by the side of the road. They often play a very big role in avoiding major accidents by not allowing vehicles or any other automobiles to go beyond a certain point. Being one of the best Michigan fence companies, we have successfully served clients in the Metro Detroit Area for more than eight years. can help you with the whole installation and maintenance process of the guard rails for any type of your home or commercial project at the lowest price available in the market.

Types Of Guard Rails And Their Uses

Guard rails are typically made from a variety of items and materials, each of which provides different protection levels. Wood posts, steel posts, or three-strand cable are some of the most common examples of guard railings.

Three-strand guard rails are the most basic type of guard railing available in the market. They aren’t that durable and even doesn’t have that much stopping power if in case a car jumps in all of a sudden. They are best for areas such as house backyards or on the places where there isn’t too much traffic.

On the contrary, wood posts guard rails, are durable enough and they mostly have some good amount of stopping power. The only drawback with these railing type is that they need to be well taken care of, and even needs a replacement very often. Wood post generally have a wood snapping tendency over time. Steel post railings are the best when it comes to stopping power and durability. They are strong enough to stop any sort of obstacles coming in their way.

Our certified and trained fencing team can surely help you with all types of fencing needs according to your requirement. If you are planning to put a new protection layer to your space by the installation of guard railings, don’t look any further. Weare always available to help you with all your fencing needs. If you are searching for the best fence company, you can call us at 586-474-4478 in order to get a free estimate.

Guard Rails Installation