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Back Stops  Installation: Backstop fences can commonly be seen in baseball and softball grounds. They are great when it comes to providing protection to the spectators from the balls flying in the air and blocking their path to the stands. In most cases, they are made of chain link type of fences and are very much tall in height. The upper part of backstop fences are mostly curved towards the playground or the field. This curved structure helps in stopping the pop-up balls from entering the  stands. being one of the best Michigan fencing companies, has successfully served clients in the Metro Detroit Area for more than eight years. can help you with the whole installation and maintenance process of the back-stop fences for any type of your home or commercial project at the lowest price available in the market.

Dimensions For Back Stop Fences

  1. Outfield fence
  • Size of chain link fence: 50mm
  • Height: approximately 2.4m (height can be adjusted to protect objects and people outside the fence area, it can be increased accordingly).
  • Ground Clearance: 25.4mm.
  1. Protective Fencing For The Player Bench
  • Size of the chain link fence: 50mm
  • Height of the fence: 2.44m
  • This fencing makes a protective layer to the frontal side of the on-grade player bench and the dugouts.
  1. Protective Fence For The Spectators.
  • Fence Height: 2.4m
  • Size of the chain link fence: 50mm
  • It is made such that it can protect the spectators at the highest point of the bleachers to view the whole game.
  1. Backstop Fencing
  • Fence height: 4.88 m
  • Size of chain link mesh: 50mm
  • Made in such a way that it can add a layer of containment to the thrown pitched and batted balls.
  1. Other Sort-Of Fencing Materials Needed: Rails, braces, and posts for chain link fences.

Our certified and trained fencing team can surely help you with all types of fencing needs according to your requirement. If you are planning to put a new protection layer to your space by the installation of backstop fences, don’t look any further. Sterlingheightsfence.comis always available to help you with all your fencing needs. If you are searching for the best fence company, you can call us at 586-474-4478 in order to get a free estimate.

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