About Us


We are helping our customers with their fencing needs for quite some period of time. As of now we are rated as one of the best Michigan fence company. Our quality work made us the best and we are striving to retain that position in the coming years. As a company we know what it really takes to get a job done in the first place while keeping affordability and time frame in mind. Our website gives a brief overview of what we have on offer. As of now we are serving the whole Metro Detroit Area.

Whenever it comes to gate or fence installation, our customers can always count on us. Our long experience in serving Metro Detroit, with all types residential or commercial projects makes us one of the best in the whole industry. Our principles have always revolved in between quality works, affordability and reliability.

  • Quality: We at com never believe in chopping out the corners. Our priority lies in keeping up with our goodwill. Our technicians having years of experience, knows how to build a secure and long-lasting fence. We don’t believe in easy or cheap ways of completing a project.We make sure the work is completed in the right way while quality is never ignored.
  • Reliability: Every one of us knows, how ill-famed the construction industry is, especially due to no show ups or postponed deadlines. We at com know how frequent these things happen, but when it comes to our work, we know what a promise is and we even know how to keep our words. For us, customer satisfaction remained in the top order of our priority list for all these years and it will hold the same position even in the future.
  • Affordability: We know why and how important it is to provide clients with a fair pricing before we commence any project. In all these years of serving the people of Detroit, we had never added any sort of fluff to our prices. We have a strong belief in good customer relationship, the one that lasts for many years.

This is About us. If you are planning to put a new protection layer to your space by the installation a new fencing, don’t look any further. We are always available to help you with all your fencing needs. If you are searching for the best fencing company, you can call us at 586-474-4478 in order to get a free estimate.